Instructional Technology

The Model Schools Program offers comprehensive support to assist districts in effectively integrating technology into instruction. Model Schools Coordinators assist districts in their efforts to use technology as a tool to improve student learning and achievement. Through the Model Schools Program, administrators and teachers can participate in regional workshops, webinars and online workshops. Model Schools Coordinators also design and implement in-district training customized to the district’s individual technology and instructional initiatives. In addition to face-to-face support, Model Schools offers virtual assistance, providing just-in-time live chat and screen sharing support. Assistance with technology planning is also provided. 


Instructional Technology Integration Specialists

Photo of Allison Blackwell
Allison Blackwell
Photo of Kristina Donley
Kristina Donley
Image of Brittany Gaffney
Brittany Gaffney
Photo of Brittany Harvey
Brittany Harvey

Mark Kuss
Photo of Derek LaLonde
Derek LaLonde

Photo of Carl Manganaro
Carl Manganaro
Image of Valerie Ray
Valerie Ray

Brad Seidman
Brad Seidman
Photo of Chris Shaffer
Chris Shaffer

Heather Shaffer Photo
Heather Shaffer

Kristin Spinella Image
Kristin Spinella
Samantha Streiff Photo

Samantha Streiff

Photo of Liz Wise

Elizabeth Wise
Image of Laurie Yager
Laurie Yager

 Group of teachers doing Breakout EDU


Image of Eric Feola
Eric Feola
Assistant Director