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Schools across the region and state have increased their focus on data, especially in relation to Data Driven Instruction (DDI). The MORIC offers a wide range of Data Analysis, Management, and Verification Services to help districts meet their growing data needs.

Through the Educational Data Services team, districts can utilize shared FTE services for comprehensive data leadership support encompassing data coaching, analysis, management, and reporting needs. This team can assist in establishing data teams, defining and implementing data standards, identifying data sources and gaps, reviewing and submitting state reporting requirements, and presenting meaningful data to promote and enhance DDI.

The Data Interoperability team works to ensure schools can make optimal use of data by running custom reports, assisting in moving data between software systems and importing state testing results into various software systems. This team also helps districts better integrate data between different softwares, including Emergency Telephone Broadcast, Cafeteria, and Local Assessment systems, to allow for more efficient district operations.

Educational Data Analysts

Emily Blake-Twomey

Nicole White

Bryan Yurka

Adam Zehr


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Key Contacts

Image of Dan Chmielewski
Dan Chmielewski
Interoperability & Readiness Leader

Image of Amy Konz
Amy Konz
Regional Data Leader