Optional Expenses

Optional Expense Reimbursement through the Model Schools Program is used to aid district expenses associated with staff development in educational technology such as:

  • Costs for substitute coverage when teachers attend Model School sessions.
  • Stipends paid to teacher-trainers for staff development sessions offered through Model Schools.
  • Stipends paid to teachers for participation in Model Schools’ activities held outside the school day.

Effective July 1, 2019, here are the procedures for instances when a teacher attends a Model Schools workshop outside of their regularly scheduled workday and is entitled to a stipend payment:

  • The school district will process payment to the teacher through the district payroll.
  • The district will submit a stipend reimbursement form, authorized by the Superintendent or
    Business Official, to the Mohawk Regional Information Center.
  • Attendance at the eligible activity will be verified by the appropriate personnel in the Model
    Schools Department.
  • Madison-Oneida BOCES will reimburse the school district at the hourly rate authorized for that
    district’s BOCES region.
  • The district will be billed through a cross contract with Madison-Oneida BOCES in the amount of
    the district payment, plus a processing fee.

Below you will find an updated stipend and substitute reimbursement form, to be used for any and all reimbursements under the Model Schools CoSers, effective July 1, 2019.